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  Document Control Database Features

Unlimited number of files and documents can be managed. 

Each document or file added into document control is identified by document
  number, revision, description, type, and keywords

Actual documents and files are stored in network directory, not in the

Two document control storage locations are identified - current and obsolete.
Simple process of moving documents into document control, defining the
  documents, and managing the movement of documents from current to obsolete

Transaction logs automatically created when files are added, who added them, 
  when files become obsolete and file download history.
Document templates can be created identifying set of document or file
  requirements for a specific function, or situation. The use of these templates help
  users keep track of what files or documents are still outstanding, and have yet to be
  entered into document control.

Powerful, yet easy to use, search function to find documents of interest quickly.

Replaces the intelligent folder structures, the manual process of file movement,
  the lack of traceability, duplication of files, and eliminates the wasteful time
  searching for documents of interest.

Screen Shots:

Main Menu


Document Definition / Submission Into Document Control Area


User-Defined Document Types


Document Control Search Capability / File Download


Document Templates 
(Definition of Required Documents)





Document Requirements Listing
(Using Templates)

Some Sample Reports Below....

Document Listing


Documents Still Outstanding
(Needed Per Template, Not in Document Control)


Document Control Transaction Log



Get User Guide
For a copy of the Document Control User Guide, please send an e-mail request to: info@databaseproviders.com
or Phone Us:  858-335-6421

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