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  Employee Time Clock System and Database Application

Tired of the old "Punch Card" systems? Tired of wasting so much time reading "Punch Card" stamps, manually adding time clock info into a spreadsheet to forward it off to your payroll agency? Database Providers has the next-step solution. Electronic Time Clock Entries using Tablets and a Database Application to Manage all Time Clock, Payroll, Withholdings and Leave Balances.


Time Clock Entry
Time Clock Entry through Tablets. Unlimited number of Tablets can be installed throughout the facility. Each Tablet can be used for any Time Clock Entry. All Tablets are connected to same data file. Employee can Clock In/Lunch In from one tablet and Clock Out/Lunch Out from another. Tablets can be installed in strategic locations throughout the facility - Exits, Lunch Rooms, Conference Rooms, etc. Wireless and Wired Options Available. Tablets require AC Power source.

7", 8" and 9" Tablet Options Available

9" Tablet Option

8" Tablet Option

7" Tablet Option

Set Grace Period of Time Clock Entry to round up/down during Shift Start and End times.

User-Friendly Database Application. Allows User Permission to be set to allow full and limited access to different sections of the database.

Main Menu - Database Application

Setup section sets your Company Info and Logo, Manage Employee Information, Set Email configuration, Manage Job Accounts, set data file location and Manage Access reports.

Manage Employee Info

Manage Employee Info 
Manage Employee Pay Rate, Exemption (Salary) status, Hire Date, Personal Info, Fed / State / State / SSI Withholding Rates, Leave Accrural Rates, Leave Balance and Max Accrual. All information is used to identify payroll information, manage pay period withholdings, Leave usage accruals. Sensitive information is hidden. Users with Payroll Admin permissions have acces to view \ edit sensitive data.

Time Clock Pay Period Review

Printable Pay Period Time Sheet

Time Clock Review Process
Review all Time Clock Entries prior to Approving. System calculates work time minutes which is converted to work hour(s). Ability to edit Time Clock Entries. All Edits made to Time Clock Entries are recorded. (Who made the change, When change occurred, and the "From" and "To" values recorded). Easily Add Time Clock Entries for Vacation, Holiday, Bereavement, Jury Duty, Unpaid Leave, etc. Classify each Time Clock Entry by Pay Type - Regular, Overtime, Double-Overtime, Vacation, Holiday, PTO, Sick, etc.

Time Clock Approval
Approve Time Sheet Process creates a Payroll record, Pay Type Detail, Calculates Leave Usage and Accrual, Creates Usage and Accrual record per pay period,

View all approved time sheets by Pay Period Date Range, by All or by Specific Employee, with full view of Payroll Info, Pay Type Details, Summary of Pay Types and Pay Period Time Clock records. Easy access, easy viewing. Email, Print and Export to Excel Time Sheet Info at any time.

Clock Status

Ability to View Clock Status at any time.

Ability to View all Leave Usage and Accrual Per Pay Period as well as current Balances. With a click of a button, send out email to each employee identifying current Leave Balances.

Several standard reports are included.
All reports can be filtered by any combination of employee, facility, pay periods, and jobs.
View Payroll Liabilities
PTO, Sick and Vacation Balances
View Employees at or near PTO, Sick and/or Vacation limits
View Time Sheets by Employee, Pay Period and/or Job number



Schedule On-Line Demo 
To schedule an on-line demo of this database, please send an e-mail request to: info@databaseproviders.com
or Phone Us:  858-335-6421

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