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  Employee Training Database Features

Unlimited number of employee training records, and training entities can be managed.

Training records can be linked to specific facility.  An unlimited number of facilities can be added, thereby linking each to set of procedures, work centers, departments and training entities.  Training entities are typically referred to as procedures, policies, work instructions, and forms.

Unlimited number of work centers can be added that can be used to link to specific training entities.

Unlimited number of products (or product lines) can be added that can be used to link to specific training entities.

Manage Training items, revisions, and their relationship to work centers and/or products.

Add path to training item so that it may be viewed at any time, and in its native application.

Quick and easy method to add list of employees trained on a specific training entity, identify the trainer, date of training, and expiration.

Be able to Quickly select a training item to view who has been trained, when training expires, and if training is needed.

Be able to Quickly select an employee to view all of the training completed, when training expires, and if training is needed.

Be able to revise a training entity and select how to handle existing training records - either expiring them all, forcing all to be re-trained toward the new revision, or transfers the training records over to the revised document, keeping the current expiration schedule.

Ability to add a training certificate to each record, and view them at any time.

Ability to create a matrix that links products to processes to specific procedures.

Ability to e-mail listing of all employees whose training has expired, at any time.

Easy Migration throughout the database through its Main Menu.

Several standard reports are included. All reports can be filtered by any combination of facility, department, work center, training entity, employee, etc.
   a.   View Expired Training List
   b.   View Training Records by Employee, Product, Facility, and Work Center .
   c.   View Product Line Training Matrix
   d.   View Training Requirements for the next 30, or 60 days.


Main Menu


Entering New Training Records


List of Training Items


List of All Employees Trained On Specific Document


List of All Training Items a Specific Employee is Trained On


Training Item Information


Training Item Revision Process


Product Training Matrix


Standard Reports

Employee Training Record Report


Product Training Matrix Report


Training Records By Product


Training Records That Expire in 30 days or less

Many More....



Pricing - Open Source
Single-User Version-$399.00
Multi-User Version-$599.00

Get User Guide
For a copy of the Employee Training Database User Guide, please send an e-mail request to: info@databaseproviders.com
or Phone Us:  858-335-6421

Download Demo
Click Here For Runtime Version (Access Not Required):
Employee Training Database

Click Here For Access 2007 Version:
Employee Training Database

Click Here For Access 2003 Version:
Employee Training Database

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