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  Internal Auditing Database Features

Manage all of your procedures, policies, work instructions, and forms, and other
   business process documents.

Quickly view document through links. Documents are opened in there native application.

Manage revision control of documents.

Manage the internal auditing of every document based on an audit schedule / frequency
   identified in the documents properties

Add audit findings, participants, and reassessment dates.

Preview audit history, participants, results, and findings for any specific item.

Unlimited numbers of findings can be entered per audit.

Customizable so that your company information is shown, including your company logo. See
   Company Info under Setup Information

Easy migration through main menu.

Several standard reports are included. All reports can be filtered by any
   combination of document, facility, audit dates, etc.
   a.   Audit Result Statistics Chart Graphical view of the number of audits performed and results
   b.   Audit Summary Report View all of the audit history and finding in one simple report format
   c.   Past Due Audits View all audits that are past due
   d.   a.      Upcoming Audit Requirements View all of the upcoming audits.


Main Menu


Business Documents / Policies / Procedures / Form Listing


Audit History, Participants and Results/Findings


Audit Result Entry


Standard Reports

Audit Result Statistics


Audit History Reports


Past Due Audits


Upcoming Audits Criteria

Many More....



Get User Guide
For a copy of the Internal Auditing Database User Guide, please send an e-mail request to: info@databaseproviders.com
or Phone Us:  858-335-6421

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