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Complete Quality Management Software

Five of our most popular modules integrated into one Quality Management Software.

Standard Module Features

Missing Inspection / Non Conforming Material Module

  • Ability to log all inspections - receiving, in-process, and final inspections.

  • Quickly create and define all non-conformance material. Classify non-conformances by location, work orders, purchase orders, customers, suppliers, part numbers, serial numbers, etc..

  • Each Rejection Qty and Defect is identified with the ability to separate out the dispositions necessary. (i.e. 10 rejects for missing hardware; 3 are returned to supplier for repair, 7 are reworked internally)

  • Dispositions are reviewed and approved through password authentication

  • Attach unlimited number of files to each non-conformance record. Examples are pictures of defects, specifications, drawings, purchase orders, etc.

  • Create defect types/codes by inspection type - receiving inspection, in-process inspection, random inspection, and final inspections.

  • Identify number of defects by defect type.

  • Integrated with Microsoft Outlook to automatically create and quickly send (or display for review) e-mails of the non-conformance record details to supervisors, leads, managers, which contain all of the information about the non-conformance, including all files attached to the non-conformance.

  • Ability to quickly disposition all non-conformances thru a MRB process, defining the MRB team, and the disposition instructions. E-mail disposition instructions to responsible parties, and track the disposition process.

  • Assign Action Items and send automated Tasks to recipients. Manage the execution and completion of actions.

  • Quickly create a corrective and/or preventive actions as a result of the non-conformance. Information from the nonconformance record is auto-populated into the respective fields within the corrective / preventive action record.

  • Several standard reports are included. All reports can be filtered by any combination of facility, department, work center, machine category, etc.
    Outstanding MRB Issues - Receiving Inspection
    Outstanding MRB Issues - In-process / Random / Final Inspection
    Outstanding MRB Issues - Customer Returns
    Outstanding Defective Material Reports - Sorted By Part Number
    Outstanding Defective Material Reports - Sorted By Supplier
    Create Custom Defective Material Report
    Outstanding MRB Issues - All
    In-Process / Random / Final Inspection - By Part Number
    DMRs By Period Range
    DMRs By Supplier and Period Range
    Parts Returned By Supplier, and Period Range
    Returns Per Period - By Supplier
    Customer Returns By Suspected Cause
    Customer Returns By Defect Category and Quantity Totals
    In-Process / Random / Final Inspection Defect Category and Quantity Totals
    Receiving Inspection - Defect Category and Quantity Totals
    Inspection Defect Category and Quantity Totals (Pie)
    In-Process / Random / Final Inspection - Failures Only
    In-Process / Random / Final Inspection - By Area
    In-Process / Random / Final Inspection - By Work Center
    Outstanding Customer RMAs
    RMA History
    RMA Defect Category and Quantity Totals
    Receiving Inspection History
    Unassigned Corrective Actions
    Unassigned Preventive Actions
    Outstanding NCMRs

Screen Shot of Inspection Record


Inspection Record




Missing Corrective / Preventive Module

  • Unlimited number of corrective and preventive actions can be entered.

  • Define corrective actions by identifying its type, initiator, receiver, owner, due dates, part number, work orders, containment information, reason for initiating corrective action, description of corrective action and suggested action to be taken.

  • Quickly view and search corrective actions based on any number of filters such as status, part number(s), work order number(s), recipient(s), customer(s), stage, etc.

  • 4-Step Corrective Action process used - Identify Root Cause, Identify Actions to Prevent Reoccurrence, Implement the Solution, Verification that the solution enacted is effective. Closure of corrective actions are preceded by completing the 4-Step process.

  • Corrective and Preventive Action reports can be printed out or e-mailed.

  • Define preventive actions by identifying its type, initiator, receiver, due dates, part number, work orders, containment area, reason for initiating preventive action, description of preventive action and suggested action to be taken.

  • Quickly view and search preventive actions based on any number of filters such as status, part number(s), recipient(s), and work order number(s).

  • Closure of preventive actions are preceded by identifying the root cause of a potential situation, actions taken to remedy situation, verification of effectiveness of actions, and any follow up actions required.

  • Several standard reports are included. All reports can be filtered by any combination of part numbers(s), work order number(s), recipient(s), customer(s), etc.
    Corrective Action History
    Outstanding Corrective Actions
    Outstanding Preventive Actions
    Preventive Action History

Screen Shot of Corrective/Preventive Action Module


Corrective Action Record


Missing Document Control Module

  • Unlimited number of files and documents can be managed.

  • Add parametric data to each document or file being added. Parametric data includes Document Number, Revision, Description, Customer, Project, Purchase Order, Vendor, Vendor Part Number, Keywords, Document Types, Document Sub Types. All parametric data added to document can be used for document search capability.

  • Actual documents and files are stored in network directory, not in the database. You retain possession of the files.

  • Each Document is assigned an owner.

  • Two Levels of Documents - Those requiring a review and approval, and those which do not. Review and Approvals are logged through password entry.

  • ITAR Compliant. Separate storage location for ITAR controlled documents with controls established on who has access to the files.

  • Three document control storage locations are identified - review, current and obsolete. System moves documents automatically based on the activity being performed.

  • Simple process of moving documents into document control, defining the documents, and managing the movement of documents from current to obsolete locations through simple document revision process.

  • Transaction logs automatically created when files are added, who added them, when files become obsolete and file download history.

  • Document templates can be created identifying set of document or file requirements for a specific function, or situation. The use of these templates help users keep track of what files or documents are still outstanding, and have yet to be entered into document control.

  • Powerful, Quick and easy to use search function to find documents of interest quickly.

  • Replaces the not-so-intelligent folder structures, the manual process of file movement, file obsolescence, the lack of traceability, duplication of files, and eliminates the wasteful time searching for documents of interest.

  • Quick and Easy Import functionality varies from single file, to bulk import from upload folder or from excel template.

  • Quick and Easy File Download from Document Control location.

Screen Shot of Document Control


Document Control Add


Document Control Search / Find Files


Missing Employee Training Module

  • Unlimited number of employee training records, and training items can be managed.

  • Manage Training Items. Can be procedures, policies, forms, work instructions, safety classes, manuals, etc.

  • Define training requirements by using several matrix options:
    - Work Center to training item
    - Product to training item
    - Process to training item
    - Job Title to training item
    - Employee to training item

  • Each Training Item is assigned a training frequency. One-time or regularly scheduled based on frequency defined.

  • Quick and easy method to add list of employees trained on a specific training entity, identify the trainer, date of training, and expiration.

  • Link Training Certificate to each training record, and view them at any time

  • Be able to Quickly select a training item to view who has been trained, when training expires, and if training is needed.

  • Be able to Quickly select an employee to view all of the training completed, when training expires, and if training is needed.

  • Enter Training record even if its not a requirement.

  • Simple process for adding a revision to the training item and selecting how to handle existing training records of the current revision- either expire all, forcing all to be re-trained at the new revision, or transfers the training records to the revised training item, keeping the current expiration schedule.

  • Function to Automatically send out Email for all expired training, training to expire in next 30 Days and next 60 Days.

  • Manually send out e-mail, listing of all employees whose training has expired, at any time.

  • Several standard reports are included. All reports can be filtered by any combination of facility, department, work center, training entity, employee, etc.
    View Training Requirements
    View Expired Training List
    View Training Requirement and Records by Process, Employee, Product, Facility, Job Title and Work Center
    View Training Requirements for the next 30, or 60 days

Screen Shot of Employee Training Module


Missing Internal Auditing Module

  • Create and Manage the internal audit schedule.

  • Define each audit plan. Define the audit date, audit team, audit purpose, processes to be audited.

  • Add audit findings, participants, and reassessment dates. Identify and link all documents reviewed during audit.

  • Simple and Quick process for reviewing audit history, participants, results, and findings for any specific item, in preparation of future audit.

  • Unlimited number of findings and favorable observations can be entered per audit. Quick and Easy creating of a Corrective Action can be created from any Non-conformance found.

  • Several standard reports are included. All reports can be filtered by any combination of document, facility, audit dates, etc.
    Audit Result Statistics Chart – Graphical view of the number of audits performed and results
    Audit Summary Report – View all of the audit history and findings in one simple report format
    Past Due Audits – View all audits that are past due
    Upcoming Audit Requirements – View all of the upcoming audits.

Internal Audit Schedule


Internal Audit History


Internal Audit Record


Missing Dashboard Module

  • The Users To-Do List!!

  • Simply Select and Click to open up the record that needs your attention.

  • All outstanding items are listed.

  • Want to see what actions items are outstanding for the employee on vacation or out sick, just select the user and see his/her list.



Missing Approved Suppliers List

  • Manage Approved Supplier List.

  • Define Supplier Approval status, special processes, limitations, survey information, classification, etc.



Optional Module Features

Contract Review Module

  • Create a record for each of your Customer's Purchase Order line item.

  • For each record, identify the information for Sales, Engineering, Order Entry, Quality and Production Control to review and assume review responsibility for.

  • Link unlimited number of documents to the contract review record - Terms, Quality Clauses, Purchase Order, Costed Bill of Material, etc.

  • Electronic Review functionality.

  • Each functional group responsibility can be tailored to your specific business process / flow / requirements.

  • Sales - Confirm Part Number, Revision, Pricing, Qty, Turn-Around dates match original quote.

  • Missing

  • Order Entry - Track the entry of the order into the ERP system

  • Engineering - Confirm Traveler, Item Card, Bill Of Material, Marking Specifics are created.

  • Missing

  • Quality - Review and Identify Quality Clauses, Specifications, Marking / Packaging Requirements, First Article Requirement, Source Inspection, C of C Requirement, etc.



  • Production Control - Add to production plan, check capacity availability, material availability and ability to complete on-time.


Missing Control Plan Module

  • Create Inspection Criteria for each Part Number and Revision level.

  • Link Drawings within Control Plan

  • Identify the Suppliers and the Sampling Methodology to use for each supplier at time of Receiving Inspection.

  • Sampling Methodology utilized are Dock To Stock, 100% Inspection, Skip Lots, AQL Sampling c=0, AQL Level .65, 1.0, 1.5

  • Provide very specific instructions of what to inspect of a specific part number. Attribute data (inspection results) captured in the lot inspection record.

  • Unlimited number of inspection points can be added per Part Number.

  • Receiving Inspection module utilizes the control plan requirements for incoming part inspection.





Missing Management of Calibrated Tools Module

  • Unlimited number of tools can be entered.

  • Define tools by tool types - calipers, micrometers, pin gauges, multimeters, etc.

  • Where calibration is performed in-house, each tool type can have a calibration work instruction created and linked to each tool type.

  • Identify tool Serial No, Tag No, Asset No, Model No, purchase date, calibration status, calibration cycle, tool parameters, tolerances.

  • Three types of calibration strategies - regularly calibrated, calibrated before use, reference only.

  • Add picture of tool

  • Quickly view and search for tools by tool type, asset number, model no, serial no, calibration strategy, facility, work center, departments, etc.

  • Manage internal or external calibration records by recording calibration results and linking file to each calibration record.

  • For tools calibrated in-house, create and define calibration measurement requirements for each tool. Define all measurements to be taken, the calibration standard used for each and the acceptable tolerance.

  • Each out-of-tolerance (Condition as Found) measurement creates a incident record. PER ISO 900x requirements, an assessment (with evidence) must be completed regarding any product that may have used the out-of-tolerance tool. Closure of out-of-tolerance measurements is required before tool is returned to service.

  • Quickly view and search tools calibration history, calibration certificates, calibration results and failure reports.

  • Automatic email notifications for expired tools, tools needing calibration in 30 and 60 days.

  • Visible Alerts for expired tools, tools in calibration process.

  • ISO9001 and AS9100 compliant.

  • Several standard reports are included. All reports can be filtered by any combination of part numbers(s), work order number(s), recipient(s), customer(s), etc.
    Calibration Requirements - Next 30 Days
    Calibration Requirements - Next 60 Days
    Tool Calibration History
    Tool List
    Tools with Overdue Calibration / In Calibration Process


Calibrated Tool Definition / Information


Tool List


Tools Calibration History


Calibration Records


Calibration Failure Report (Condition-As-Found out-of-tolerance)

Standard Reports


Tool Listing


Calibration History Report

Missing First Articles Modules

  • Create / Manage First Article Inspections

  • Record Qty Needed, Destructive or Resell, First Article Approval Team, Buyer, Supplier, Part Number, Revision, etc.

  • Link unlimited number of files to first article record. Use a AS9100 excel template to record results?  When completed, link this to the first article record for quick and simple retrieval.

  • Create and Manage Action Items within the First Article record.



Integration Info / FAQs

  • Part Master, Supplier List, Customer List, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Work Center and Work Order Information are all stored in the Quality Management Software. This information is used throughout the software to auto-populate records from this set of data with the intent to limit data entry errors.

  • Includes an ERP Sync function which can be tailored to sync data from an ERP business system to this Quality Management Software. The ERP Sync can be ran on a regular basis to ensure the data within this Quality Management System is accurate and up-to-date.

  • User access to modules are easily managed through the use of computer network login names and the employee lists within this Quality Management System.

  • Employees can be set to automatically receive Outstanding NCMR Reports, Outstanding Corrective/Preventive Action Reports, NCMR Dispositions, Expired /Upcoming Employee Training Requirements, and many more.


Pricing - Open Source
Single-User Version -$1595.00 (compared to $1995.00 when purchased separately)
Multi-User Version -
$2595.00 (compared to $2995.00 when purchased separately)

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