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StoneEdge Order Manager Consulting Services

Complete StoneEdge Installation:
Once purchased, we can quickly install StoneEdge at your facility and get you fully functional, and your employees trained in 1 week!

Installation Steps - Single-User:
1) Download and install StoneEdge onto a "validation" machine.

2) Go through the StoneEdge setup process choosing the correct setup based on how your business model and practices. Choosing the correct setup is key to starting off StoneEdge with good and accurate data, and order processing success!

3) Setup the communication between your shopping cart and StoneEdge, verifying that the orders from your shopping cart are being downloaded correctly, and that StoneEdge is properly characterizing the orders upon import.

4) Setup the credit card processing gateway, verifying payments and credits are properly processed.

5) Setup the shipping methods, and verify each one is properly setup.  This includes setting up the UPS, FedEx and USPS modules that are included within StoneEdge, and other shipping software such as ShipRush and UPS World Ship. Also includes setting up shipping label printers, creating shipping label templates required for each shipper, and setting up scales that communicate directly with StoneEdge.

6) Setup the inventory SKUs, customers, and suppliers through its importing process, and then review the SKUs to makes sure they are categorized appropriately to ensure order line items are characterized accurately.  This includes drop-ship SKUs, and non-product SKUs.

7) Setup Kits and Assemblies, where applicable. Not all businesses require these.

8) Setup the automated notification process and define and/or create the notification e-mail templates used for specific type of events.  Typical examples are to notify customers when order is received, payment processed, order is being packed and when order is shipped. 

9) Upon successful setup and verification, GO LIVE!

Additional Installation Steps for Multi-User Environment:
1) Re-locate the data file to a shared computer, or server.

2) Install StoneEdge on each workstation and that each are linked to the same data file.

3) Create Users and define the user rights and security for each.

StoneEdge Order Manager Training:
1) Orders - Viewing orders, processing orders, searching for orders, finding out the status of orders and order line items. How to create manual orders, cancel orders, apply credits, change order information - apply discounts, change shipping costs, delete, add, revise line items.

2) Returns/Exchanges - How to process returns and exchanges.

3) Inventory - How to create, delete, edit SKUs. Review all characteristics, options and of SKUs and StoneEdge capabilities regarding SKUs, and how each are used and impact processes. Review how to sync up SKUs and inventory QOH with your shopping cart. Set reorder points and reorder qty, price levels, turn on/off sale prices, etc., 

4) Payment Processing - How to process payments - charges and credits.
5) Drop-Shipping - How to process a drop-ship item.  How to follow up for tracking numbers and set actual ship dates. How to find out which drop-ships are not yet ordered.

6) Purchase Orders - How to create purchase orders to your suppliers for backordered products. Look up what is outstanding. How to receive inventory, apply stocking labels, (with barcodes if desired). How to cancel POs, etc.. How to setup the delivery method to suppliers - fax, e-mail, etc..

7) Shipping - How to ship orders, using the Quick Ship or Pack Order modules.

8) Backorders - How to view what product is still needed to fulfill existing orders. How to fill backorders when purchase orders are received.

9) Multi-Order Processor - How to use the multi-order processor to quickly review orders, approve orders and process for shipment. A way to quickly process "no-issue" orders, leaving more time to address problem orders.

10) Standard Reports - Review the standard reports, and the usefulness of each.

StoneEdge Order Manager Customization:
Modify Existing Reports - Need one of the standard reports modified - no problem. Send us a fax with a marked up report, and we will create the new version for you.

Custom Reports - We develop custom reports as well.  If you can dream up the  format and data that you want to capture in the report, we can create it. All reports created are designed to be added into your Custom Report menu.

Custom Functions - We develop custom functions that are incorporated into your StoneEdge installation. 
Examples include:
...Managing promotional item campaigns between StoneEdge and your shopping cart,
...Syncing specific information between StoneEdge and your shopping cart,
...Developing mailing lists using specific StoneEdge order data and user-defined fields,
...Managing an e-mail campaign within StoneEdge using order data, customer information, and user-defined fields.

Schedule Your StoneEdge Installation NOW!
To discuss your StoneEdge Order Manager Installation phone us at 858-335-6421,
or send an e-mail to info@databaseproviders.com

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