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Database Design, Development, Implementation and support

Development and implementation of powerful, yet low-cost, custom Microsoft  Access databases.  These  can be stand-alone (MDB or MDE), or client-server applications, (front-end/back-end) using Microsoft SQL server, in a single or multi-user environment. We provide user-friendly interfaces.
Add new functions and features to pre-existing Microsoft Access databases. Develop automated importing/exporting functions from Excel, Word, and from other specialty software such as OrCad, CircuitCAM, PCAD, etc. 

Consolidate multiple databases into one! With user-security enabled, database administrators  can manage user accessibility to data, forms, tables, reports and queries. Microsoft Access can support up to 256 simultaneous users, and up to 2G of data.  For many small to mid-sized companies, that is a lifetime!

We can also consolidate multiple databases into one! With user-security enabled, database administrators can manage user accessibility to data, forms, tables, reports and queries.  Consolidation results in less resources and support required.

Reporting and Analysis Services

Database Providers generates custom Crystal Reports using clients pre-existing business system and data.  These powerful reports help our Clients gain insights into many different aspects of their business, from internal operational status to business planning and forecasting.

Software Application Training 
Microsoft Access training for all levels of users from beginners to more advance users. On-site training is available from one to many. 

Tables, Forms, Queries, Reports, Macro design and creation
Relationships, Complex Queries, Complex Forms, Reports
Lookup Tables, Database Splitter, Multi-User Applications, User-Level Security, Importing/Exporting, Action Queries, Crosstab Reports.

  Crystal Reports
  Microsoft Office Suite - (Word, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint)
  ERP/MRP Applications - Manex, Macola, MRP9000, PC/MRP, Manman/X

Network Design and Implementation
  Home Networking - Wireless 802.11b/g, Internet Connections - DSL, Cable Modem, Satellite Business Networks - Small Business Server 200x, Switches, Routers, Wireless or Ethernet

Web Design
  Microsoft Front Page 200x and Database-Enabled Websites. Need a website presence, business or personal? No problem.  We can develop websites from the very basic to the extreme. Start from a template and you fill in the content.

StoneEdge Order Manager Consulting
  StoneEdge Order Manager is the premier order manager for eCommerce on-line
retailers.  For consulting information see our link StoneEdge Order Manager consulting.

Database Providers
Call us for a quote or free consultation at 
(858) 335-6421 or 
e-mail us at info@databaseproviders.com

Project Scope
No project too small or too large! 

Our business has grown primarily by word-of-mouth referrals.  That is a testament to the quality of service we provide. 

We strive to make sure this path to new business remains strong, by continually delivering top-notch service, quality and integrity in all that we do.

















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