Phone Number: (858) 335-6421 USA (PST - Time Zone)


Services Provided

Custom Database Applications:

  • Design, Development and Implementation of Custom, Multi-User (Client / Server) or (Front-End / Back-End) Microsoft Access databases that works for you, your business needs and your business flow. You provide the concept, features, functionality, and we will build it!
  • Our presence of Custom-Built database applications expands throughout the globe and through most industries and all size of business.
  • When value-added, our large repository of forms, tables, queries, reports, functions can be leveraged within custom databases so that we do not need to “recreate the wheel”, saving our customers money during development.


  • Conversions from older Access 97 or Access XP versions to a more current version such as Microsoft Access 2007 / 2010 or greater.
  • Conversions from 32bit Microsoft Access code to 64bit Microsoft Access code to make compatible with 64bit version of Microsoft Access installations.
  • Conversions from stand-alone (Single-User) Microsoft Access databases into Multi-User configuration.
  • Migration of Microsoft Access data files over to SQL Server for increased performance.
  • Migration of Microsoft Access VBA modules and/or functions to SQL Server, via Stored Procedures, for increased performance.

Support of Existing Microsoft Access Databases:

  • Support existing Microsoft Access databases developed by others. We can jump right in and assist with troubleshooting errors, adding new features, functionality and upgrades from earlier versions Microsoft Access.

System Integration:

  • Integrate Microsoft Access to other 3rd Party databases like Intuitive, Infor (Visual Manufacturing), Pervasive, Oracle, Agile, Manex, Macola, Fourth-Shift, SAP, Quantum, QuickBooks, SYSPRO, SAGE and many others. Integration can be one-way or Bi-Lateral through ODBC or API connections.

Visual Basic Application (VBA) and SQL Server:

  • Create VBA functions for those complex needs that are beyond the use of Queries and Macros for use in Microsoft Access databases.
  • Troubleshoot VBA errors, Debug errors, Missing References and other VBA-related issues.
  • Create SQL Server Stored Procedures that can be executed from within the Microsoft Access Client-Side for increased performance.